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Chiropractic helps patients by correcting the cause of their issues and promoting wellness without prescription drugs or surgery.

The primary goal when you come in for care is to restore proper, natural motion to your spine and body. The reason chiropractors focus so much on the spine is that it houses the nerves that supply every system in your body. The respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and circulatory system are just a few of the things that rely on the nervous system to function properly. Often times people experience improved functioning in these other systems after getting adjusted.


Commonly, people see the chiropractor for neck and back pain but they can still experience the other great benefits that come with getting a chiropractic adjustment. Most patients experience a calming feeling after an adjustment as well as a reduction in stress. These are great side effects to having your nervous system stimulated through a chiropractic adjustment.


Just a few examples of conditions that can be helped with chiropractic care include headaches, sciatica, TMJ joint pain and dysfunction, tennis elbow, rib pain, numbness and/or tingling down the arm or leg, carpal tunnel, sports injuries, and plantar fasciitis.


Chiropractic is beneficial for those who are young, those who are a little more “seasoned”, and those who are somewhere in the middle. Chiropractic adjusting techniques can be altered to accommodate patients of any age, size, or special need. Our youngest patient was 3 months old at the time of his first visit and our oldest patient is 92.

Sometimes people attribute certain ailments in their body to “getting old”. While there is some truth to the fact that it’s harder to “bounce back” in your 60s than it was in your early 20s, the fact remains that there is there is still a lot of potential in your body no matter how old you are! We have multiple treatment methods to work with you and your body’s specific needs to get you the best results possible.


We specialize in traditional manual chiropractic adjustments as well as Activator methods and sports chiropractic treatments. Dr. Zack utilizes a variety of methods to get the best results for each patient. Sometimes an adjustment will consist of just one of these methods and other times all three may even be used depending on patient needs.

Traditional chiropractic methods are a great way to get the spine back in alignment when a moderate amount of force is needed. Activator chiropractic is great for the detailed adjustment when precision is necessary to get the patient better. And finally, sports chiropractic is a great way to adjust body parts outside of the spine (shoulders, knees, ankles, wrists, etc.) while implementing principles to get the patient better as quickly as possible.

Trusted Chiropractor: What Patients Are Saying

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"My chiropractor for several years"

"Dr. Zack has been my chiropractor for several years now...


From quick tune-up adjustments, to putting ribs back into place, to explanations and remedies, to the causes and sources of aches and pains, Dr. Zack has been able to help me get past injuries I have endured for years. The staff are friendly, attentive, and they run a comfortable environment to put any at ease just before the neck adjustments!" - Jae M.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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"Wonderful experience"

"I had a wonderful experience. Great communication and explanation of the therapy that was provided to me. All questions and concerns were answered and staff was kind and professional. I recommend Blue Ridge and will be returning." - Robin F.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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"Dr. Zach is the man!"

"Dr. Zach is the man! Within a few visits an issue I have been dealing with for a while has improved better than expected. I recommended my wife and co-worker who experienced similar results. He takes his time with you and the level of care is unmatched!" - Donald M.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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"Dr. Zack is amazing!"

"Dr. Zack is amazing! I came in with extreme lower back and neck pain. Dr. Zack and his staff were so welcoming and caring. Dr. Zack really takes his time to make sure you are feeling better before you leave. I am so thankful for Dr. Zack and his wonderful staff!!" - Shannon R.

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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