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Blue Ridge Chiropractic is proud to be a participating chiropractor in the VA benefit network.

Veterans who wish to have their chiropractic services covered through the VA can participate in this program through one of the following available options:

Option 1) See your primary health care provider at a VA facility and request chiropractic services and ask to be seen at Blue Ridge Chiropractic for your care.

Option 2) Contact your Community Care Provider

Option 3) Go online to the VA website and request chiropractic services.

Once approved for chiropractic care, veterans can receive chiropractic care and all of its amazing benefits with 100% coverage during their authorized treatment period.

Many of our patients have been asking if this includes the TriCare or TriCare for Life program. Currently, TriCare or the TriCare for Life program does not cover chiropractic services at any facility outside of a VA hospital. While Blue Ridge Chiropractic is an authorized provider of chiropractic services for the VA, we are not considered to be part of a VA hospital.

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